Naz launch party sign

Oh My Gosh!!!!!! I have been to countless events and I have to say, I pulled off one of the best!! Haha! Where do I even begin? We rolled out the red carpet and the night was filled with glamorous people in their ball gowns and tux and fine champagne. I guess you could say every single guest felt like a true celebrity on the night!

Launch of Naz was an event held at NSP, Parnell on the 27th July 2018. It was the night I launched this website built by only the best, Alex Da Gama, from Leading IT. We worked hundreds of hours over the past 3 months trying to get it perfect and we succeeded (as you can see hehe). But wait… there’s more! At my launch, I also announced that I will be having my own reality TV show called “Life of Naz” now I have to say, this really blew people away! I can tell you now; this show is going to SHAKE New Zealand. I just don’t think anybody really has the guts to do what I’m about to do as it really does take a strong confident woman to put their life out there for the world to see, as it is, no scripts or set ups… I’ve always kept it real and have been very outspoken, I’ve always stood by what’s right even if it means standing alone, I’ve never feared judgement or worried about what others think of me. That’s exactly why I stood out and have successfully made it as far as I have in this country. You are about to watch a show New Zealand made, never seen before. So get ready…

It was honestly the best feeling standing up there in front of all my friends and family at the launch, making my announcements, loud and proud.

Being judged a few years ago by an edited dating show where a villain is already required, did make my life a bit harder and I did receive a lot of hate for something I’m not but because I stayed true to myself and proved to New Zealand, that villain wasn’t who I truly am through my social media accounts, through my actions in my day to day life and partially on my most recent show, Dancing With The Stars NZ, I was able to turn my life around with the amount of support I was getting and come out on top in the end which is a great example to set for our youth in today’s world. Stay strong and keep going is my motto and always use hate for fuel!

In a small corner of the launch, my sister and I set up The Beauty Sisters stand to showcase some of the products we sell as well. I know a lot of you guys would have missed out on that and because our official website is still currently being built, you may have a lot of questions to ask us, so please kindly CONTACT US and we will happily assist.

I would like to personally thank all my amazing sponsors from the night who made the launch complete! Leading I.T, Eleveneleven Events NZ, Light Letters NZ, Flour Flower, Brunner & Co, Hello & Cookie, Red Carpet NZ, Norrie Montgomery & Carmen Bird. Also a thanks to Mcinnes & CO Hair, Eye Magazine, NVS Hair Design, The Beauty Sisters and Xplosiv Supplements for their generous spot prize giveaways to my guests!

I cant wait to share my next event with you… xx