Sharing The Love

Naz in training outfit

What I love more than keeping myself fit and healthy is helping others reach their health and fitness goals. To give you an example, in December 2017, I announced my plans to help 18 people for free in 2018.

I wanted to do this purely from the heart because I strongly believe that everybody deserves a chance and that money shouldn’t always be everything!

After receiving over 800 entries, and spending almost five hours reading through them all, I selected my 18 winners — most weighed around 100kg. Many of the people I chose had suffered depression, medical problems, anxiety or really bad abuse, which caused them to turn to food for comfort.

I spent hours on the phone with these guys and listened to their stories to try to figure out how I could help. You see, it wasn’t just about helping these guys with their physical appearance,

it was also about helping them to become mentally stronger, wiser and more confident.

I put my team on programs, which included training and meal plans, that helped them absolutely smash their goals. And, can you believe some of them didn’t even need to go to the gym? For those who were stay-at-home mums or ‘busy bees’ with not enough time, I created workouts for home, which worked wonders!

I was available 24/7 for coaching or emotional support when needed. A lot of the team continued their journey and, even to this day, they send me progress photos and tell me how much happier they are.

Seeing people’s smiles and how happy I can make someone by just giving a helping hand is extremely rewarding.

Here are just a few of my clients who were over the moon with their results:

Clients name: Kelsi

Naz changed, and saved, my life. She believed in me and she taught me how to take control of my life, and build a healthier future where I can be around longer for my nieces and nephews as they grow. I now see my health and fitness as something I can control and change, and my future is so much brighter. I’ve lost over 20kg this year, and still going strong! Thank you Naz, I am forever grateful.

Clients name: Bianca

Recently i found out i have a massive thyroid problem, ive struggled to lose weight all my life. In jan I got a great opportunity to join nazz and work alongside her to work on my fitness and weight. I managed to lose 8kg in a month which was massive for me. It was hard at times but thats when i would call on nazz and she would be there giving me the push i needed. The cravings for sugar and anything bad dissapeared and i generally felt great. Nazz and her programme changed me for the better. If you get this opportunity and want to do it smash it because it was a game changer for me at the time i needed it the most.

Clients name: Mikayla

Late December 2017 I was one of the lucky few that won an Instagram/fb completion from Naz promoting her 30 day weight loss/fitness program . I’ve always been a fan of Naz so I was quite nervous as to what I’d won – would she stick around like she said and provide the coaching and guidance or would it fizzle out after a week because she had other priorities ? I can tell you that my thoughts were 200% wrong and I feel guilty as hell for even thinking like that . Naz provided daily support and would be answering our group chat messages within hours . She also genuinely cared and this shone through her help and support . She was awesome and would provide a kick up the ass if it was needed to keep me (and the others who had won a program) on track ! I was wondering if her 30 day program would just be instant weight loss that couldn’t be maintained but again, I was wrong . The meal and exercise plan was sustainable and created a good routine for me . Because of Naz, I have continued to stay healthy with food and exercising regularly ! I couldn’t believe that I lost over 3kg in just over 3 weeks, there were others who lost a lot more too ! I would highly recommend Naz’s training and style to anyone who needs to change their relationship with food and create a healthy exercise regime 🙂

Clients name: Mandy

Naz’s fitness programme came into my life at a much needed point in my life. Our son was diagnosed with a life threatening medical condition which left me no time for my own well being. My weight got out of control. For me. I’m not a big person naturally so the extra weight was felt and exhaustion was my nightmare. I wanted a better me. To be a better mum and one that gets to run round with my little guy. Her programme was tough. I mean who am I kidding. It’s a shock to the system from no excersise to 3 times a day and a complete diet change. The sugar loss are real and many times I wanted to quit. But Naz was right there for support when ever I needed her. She was my friend in the down moments and my drill Sargent in the quitting moments. To this date I’ve lost 10kg! And I honestly couldn’t have found the motivation with out her. I’ve not only made a better healthier me but I also have a friend for life with this lovely woman. And I also plan on a further date with her plan over the next few months to drop a few more kilos…. to get into my wedding dress. Thanks babe, for ever thankful. Love you xx

Clients name: Celè

What I want from a trainer? Variety and Results! Push me hard but if you yell at me, I want to punch you. Naz is like that tough coach that pushes you hard, but is still fun and respectful. She found me and what a surprise it was being on Team Naz. For renewed motivation to work out: Mission Accomplished! In fact, she did me one better, she is helping me develop a healthier attitude towards my body and my motivations to exercise

Clients name: Alana

Just like any other mum, I have always put my kids first leaving little time for myself. I’d started a weight loss journey but got pregnant to my now 6 month old baby so was put off track & gained a lot of weight back on. Working full time & taking care of 3 kids, I honestly thought it would be impossible to even think about having time to get my body to the way i want it but luckily Nazs 30day fat loss program is literally designed to suit everyone’s needs & without needing to go to a gym, it has been perfect for me! & I’ve stuck to it to a tee lol. She didn’t just send me this program & leave me on my own… she has been checking up on us every SINGLE day!! Answering any questions, being there for us emotionally & making sure our butts are kept in line. Thank you Naz! I can’t wait to see my transformation at the end of the 30 days!!!!