Naz @ Ocean's 8 Movie Premier 2018

I love any movie that portrays strong powerful independent woman so when I heard about Ocean’s 8, I was one of the first to put my hand up to attend this premiere! Besides the fact I totally fell in love with all the other Ocean’s movies!! Red Carpet organized a Lux Lunch event where we had a first class experience! We got to walk down the red carpet into the VIP lounge area where we got gifted with goodie bags! Love them!

Glasses of beautiful champagne, delicious snacks and glamourous people! sounds exciting right? but it doesn’t end there… we were allocated seats in the privately booked theatre and about half way through the movie, we were served a meal of our choice with a cheeky desert after! yummy! it couldn’t get any better than that!

My thoughts on the movie itself… to be completely honest as I always am, I would have loved to see more action with these ladies. bit disappointed they left all the explosions and scary stuff with the boys but hey, hopefully the next one they bring out will be better. I’m sure it will be… if there is one! fingers crossed! For those who haven’t experience a LUX Lunch event yet with Red Carpet, you are hands down missing out BIG TIME!

Click on the link to visit their website and find out when they’re having there next one. I will see you there!