The Beauty Sisters

My sister, Nasrin White, and I truly believe that beauty starts within. Over the years, we have thought about different ways to help both women and men create a healthy lifestyle and not only look beautiful, but feel young and beautiful, too. Nasrin and I have always had a close bond and wanted to come together to help others because we believe that, as a team, we can achieve more.

Since our early 20s, we have looked for products that will not only help people look more youthful, but also feel young on the inside.

As you can imagine, we tried out hundreds of different products over the years, but nothing seemed to stand out.

As a public figure, I continuously receive free health and beauty products, and I am asked to promote them for a fee, but I’m too honest for my own good, haha!

I’ve rejected multiple products simply because they weren’t good enough, and I don’t want to promote/sell anything that isn’t up to scratch.

Just recently, I discovered Nu Skin. All I can say is WOW. One day, I was doing a photo shoot at a mansion, when a beautiful woman who owned the place showed me some Nu Skin products.

To be honest, having been let down by so many companies, I thought Nu Skin was going to be just another product range that failed. Anyway, the woman generously gave me a few products to trial at home and said that the results would speak for themselves.

I can tell you now, just a week after trialling, after almost a decade, I finally gave my sister that call we were both waiting so long for!!! “I found it, sis. I finally found the perfect company!” Blessings do happen, and this was definitely one of those. After Nas trialled the products, no doubt she too was blown away by the change she witnessed. It wasn’t long before she and I became distributors as … THE BEAUTY SISTERS.

We are a young business, but, so far, what we have achieved has been incredible. Everybody we introduce the products to are blown away and do all the talking for us. Nu Skin simply works.

There are over 300 products in the Nu Skin range to suit all your needs. Whatever you need, we’ve got it, baby! The awesome part about all this is if YOU are thinking about becoming a distributor like my sister and me, if you’re looking for a new career path, would like to become a business owner or just want to make extra cash on the side, The Beauty Sisters are here to help you!

Please contact us on for more details.

Did I mention there are no obligations? You don’t even have to spend a single cent, yet you can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars within months. Click this LINK to enter our official website. There you will see some of our favourite products, learn ways to become a loyal customer who can buy over 300 products at wholesale prices, and decide whether or not you want to join our team!